just because
i know we shouldn't be here
i know it isn't right
but just for tonight
let's make it alright
place your head upon my shoulders
run your hands through my hair
say you'll be mine
say you don't care
don't say that i'm dreaming
don't say it's pretend
because i've fallen in love with you
you're more than a friend
it shouldn't have happened
but now that it has
don't let it be over, just because
just because i want you
and that's not easy to say
just because i want us
to share this new day
just because it is right
and i've never felt this way
just because i love you
and here's no more i can say
so place your head upon my shoulders
run your fingers through my hair
let our lips meet like they shouldn't
say you don't care, please
say you don't care