one night stand


Now that I've caught your eye
and we've exchanged furtive glances
Now what?
Now that we've kissed
and we've said a few words
Now what?
Now I've told my friends
and worried what they'll think.
Now I've closed my mind
worried what I think
Now what?
Now that I've made myself at home
and climbed into your bed.
Now that I can't be bothered
and you just can't
Now what?
Now that it's morning
and I can see you clearly.
Now that it's morning
and you can see me clearly
Now what?
Now that you've got what you wanted
and you've got your life to lead.
It's now what I expected
and I think I'd better leave
Now what?
So now that you've explored me
and we've exchanged informal chat
Now what?
What happens now?
I leave.